Set the perfect ambiance with sound and light

Oupio helps you tailor the ambiance you desire through beautifully designed lamps that double as speakers. 

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Human centric

With Oupio you can change the color and intensity of the light to mold to your natural circadian rhythm. Use warm light to relax and cold light when you need to focus.

Enjoy your

favorite tunes.

Listen to your favorite music or audiobook via bluetooth. Oupio is designed to fill a small to medium sized room with a well balanced sound, with bass and clarity. 

Designed and built with care.

No detail is too small. We paid great care while designing Oupio so that it will be timeless. We use only high quality materials like wood, glass, metal and wool. 

Surround yourself with Oupio

One Oupio is good. More are better. Group up to 5 units and easily control both light and sound via the smartphone app. The ambiance of your room will thus become smarter. 


Let's have a look inside.

Oupio is built using high quality materials and the latest technology. 

22cm diameter

White Opal glass
Anodized Aluminum 
Wool fabric

3 Kg

Cabinet Principle
Sealed enclosure

Frequency Range
65 - 20.000 Hz @ +/-3dB

Driver Units
1 x 60mm Full Range
1 x 85mm Woofer
Coaxial configuration
90dB SPL

Sound Presets
Adapt to unit’s position in the room. Pendant, Corner or Wall setups are available. Adjust and save your own presets. 

Light Output
2000 Lumen

Light Properties
80 CRI Color Accuracy
2700K - 6000K Color range
0 - 100% Dimming

On Device Control
Volume - Up/Down & Play/Pause
Light intensity - Up/Down & On/Off
Pairing & Grouping

Wired Connectivity
1 Line-in (3.5mm audio mini-jack)
1 Power connection

Wireless Connectivity
Bluetooth 5 Class 2

Codec AAC

Stream music to low latency synced groups of up to 5 units.

What’s in the box
1 Oupio unit
1 Power cable
1 Support - Desk / Pendant

Oupio App
Set up and control Oupio. 
Group multiple units. 
Control both sound and light. 
Stream content.