What is Oupio M?

Oupio M is the first product of our Brand. It is a medium sized Lamp that doubles as a Wireless Speaker

Why merge Light with Sound?

The ambiance of a room is mainly defined by two factors, Light and Sound. We are minimalists. We believe that there is no need for several products to achieve this goal. This is why we decided to merge these two functions in one product.

How is Oupio different from other lamps?

Oupio is built around Human Centric Lighting principles. It offers functional lighting of up to 2000 lumen for the entire range of color temperature - 2700K (late sunset) to 6000K (Sun at noon) In addition to that, due to it's wireless connectivity, Oupio can also be controlled remotely, offering a range of possibilities only available in an Intelligent Lighting solution. Using the best avialable LEDs on the market, Oupio is guaranteed to last years and have a minimum energy footprint over time.

How is Oupio different from other wireless speakers?

Oupio uses the latest in Speaker Driver technology. We partnered with Tectonic Elements Ltd. to provide Balance Mode Radiator tech for our speakers. This ensures a high quality and even distribution of sound, while maintaining the size of the product small. In addition to that, Oupio supports low latency groups of up to 5 units, controlled wirelessly.

Where and how can I buy Oupio M?

Keep your eyes on our website for news about this topic.

Will Oupio Tech Specs change?

We are still developing the product but the main features are settled. Our aim is to offer the best possible product given the current available technology. In this regard we reserve the right to change some of the specs prior to official launch.

Is there a WiFi enabled version available?

The current configuration offers only Bluetooth Connectivity. However, we plan on developing a more powerful, more expensive version of the Oupio M, called M+ which will offer both Bluetooth and WiFi 2.4/5GHz. Upon launch however, only the Bluetooth version will be available.


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