High Fidelity Sound

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

No ambiance is complete without the proper music. No music sounds good on bad speakers. This is why we set out to build the best speaker current technology allows.

Tested Drivers Oupio
Some of the Drivers we tested

To achieve this we tested out several speaker configurations and different driver manufacturers. Each driver has it's advantages and unique sound signature. However, for our purposes we partnered with Tectonic Audio Labs and made use of their BMR patented technology.

What is BMR?

Balance Mode Radiators (BMRs) are drivers using a new and patented technology that brings a number of exceptional advantages to audio reproduction.

BMR visual representation
Image courtesy of Tectonic Audio Labs.

Traditionally, speakers separate treble and mid-range drivers in order to obtain good sound. With the BMR technology however, the same result is obtained by using only one driver. This ensures the sound comes from one point source rather than 2 or 3 and thus, the sound waves keep a level distance to the listener. Due to this reason, spatial sound is improved massively.

One other major benefit of this technology is the even sound distribution over a 180 degree angle. Due to this aspect, it is much easier to fill a room with sound regardless of the position of the speaker.

The uniformity of sound ensures that there won't be any "sweet-spots" where the sound is at it's best, but rather a uniform experience.

Oupio M configuration

Oupio Prototype
Final Acoustic Configuration

Oupio uses 2 such drivers, one calibrated for lower frequencies (bass) and one that emits mid to high frequencies. This configuration covers the entire audible frequency range from 65Hz all the way to 20KHz at a sound intensity of 90dB.

In short, Oupio M uses the best technology available to offer the best acoustic experience in the smallest package possible.