Intelligent Lighting

Updated: Jul 24, 2018

How is Oupio different from other lamps? What does Human Centric Lighting mean?

Oupio Human Centric Lighting
Depiction of color variance in light

Humans need light. We are influenced by light. Our bodies use lighting cues to guide the inner clockwork that makes us tick during the day and sleep at night.

However, we live most of our lives in artificially lit environments that go against the way our bodies work. For instance, we use displays that emit blue light late at night and then wonder why we can't sleep.

Studies have shown that blue light affects levels of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin more than any other wavelength. Changes in sleep patterns can in turn shift the body's natural clock, known as its circadian rhythm. These shifts in the circadian rhythm can have devastating health effects because it controls not only our wakefulness but also individual clocks that dictate function in the body’s organs. In other words, stressors that affect our circadian clocks, such as blue-light exposure, can have much more serious consequences than originally thought.

Oupio Human Centric Lighting Example
Transition between light colors

This is where Human Centric Lighting principles come in. Since our bodies have adapted to take cues from the light emitted by the Sun, then perhaps it would be wise to mimic this in our indoor illumination solutions as well.

During the day light varies in color and intensity, from an early sunrise color of 2700K to the color of the mid day Sun - 6000K.

The yellow color of the sunrise or sunset is great for relaxing purposes and helps increase the levels of melatonin thus easing us towards a better sleep. The white light of the mid day sun on the other hand is perfect for focus related tasks like reading or learning.

Oupio makes use of these principles offering the entire range of colors at a peak intensity of 2000 lumen. At the same time, Oupio M offers the possibility of controlling the light setting remotely via the Oupio App. This defines it as an intelligent lighting solution designed around the actual human needs.