Updated: Jul 24, 2018

We care about products built well that last and age well. This is why Oupio M is built using genuine materials like Wood, Metal and Glass.

Oupio M depiction of Materials

To achieve a premium feel we evaluated several options for the materials used to build Oupio. From the very beginning it was obvious for us that we need to use high quality materials that integrate well within any interior design.

We ended up using a mix of different types of Wood (Oak, Ash and Cork) with white Opal Glass and Anodized Aluminum.

The white glass offers a warm even glow when the light is on and contrasts nicely with the aluminum ring. The ring acts as a visual placeholder for the touch interface of the product.

Wood is used at the front and when combined with the wool based fabric that covers the speakers, builds a cohesive image for the entire product.

The textile used to cover the speaker has been tested for sound absorption and is built to allow the sound to easily pass through while keeping all the inner components of the product out of sight.