One is good, more are better

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

Oupio pendant in a livingroom setting


We live most of our lives indoors where we often lack natural light. For this reason, over time, we kept looking for ways to light these spaces. First with candles, then with gas lamps, light bulbs and now LEDs. What hasn't changed over time however, is the need to properly light a space. The more light the better.

We now use all sorts of light fixtures that usually work as island products that cannot be controlled from a single point, making it difficult to easily set the mood we desire.

With Oupio however, control is easy. You can control several units from one single point. This can be done by simply designating a master for a group or by using the smartphone app as a remote control.


Most speakers are ugly. With few exceptions, they all are bulky plastic boxes that usually don't fit well with the desired design and aesthetics of our homes. They stand out and not in a good way.

When surround sound is desired, it comes down to littering the entire living room with these boxes.

With Oupio this is no longer an issue. Since it works as a speaker and a lamp, you can position it wherever you want in a room and it won't feel out of place. Be it next to a wall, or hanging from a ceiling, or on the table next to the sofa, wherever you would place a lamp, you now have a speaker too.

This way you can achieve true surround sound without looking at ugly speakers all over.

Oupio with warm light on.


Having several Oupio units in your living room will help you tailor the ambiance you desire much more easily than using several lighting fixtures and a speaker system. Our integrated solution makes sure everything is seamless, intuitive and fun. Enjoy!