What & Why

Updated: May 16, 2018

A few words about what made us build Oupio.

Oupio Brand Poster

What is Oupio?

Oupio is an intelligent lighting solution that doubles as a wireless speaker.

Why build it?

Now that we got the WHAT out of the way, it is time to talk a little about WHY we set out to build this product.

We are minimalists. We believe that owning more and more stuff is not going to make anyone happy. However, the ongoing trend seems to be quite the opposite. Every year, more gadgets invade our lives and our homes, each promising to make our lives easier, offer us more time to do what matters, connect us with people, and so on.

It seems though that this is an empty promise. The more gadgets we own, the less time we spend doing what's truly important and, as it turns out, the more complex our lives become.

With Oupio we believe there might be another way. We believe that many of the functions offered by separate products can be merged into a single device thus offering the experience we desire, while owning less stuff.

One good example is the smartphone. Before this handy device was invented, to achieve everything one can now achieve on a smartphone, we had to carry an entire bag of things with us - Wallet, Notepad, Maps, Camera etc. Now we enjoy all of the functionality these objects would offer, while using only one device.

With the rise of IoT (Internet of Things) our homes now face the same gadget bombardment as people did prior to the invention of smartphones.

At Oupio we focus on building products that merge compatible functionality within a single device. We care about neat and tidy homes.

Since we're a team of designers and engineers passionate about sound and lighting, our first product reflects these interests.

Oupio helps you tailor the ambiance you desire through beautifully designed and well crafted lamps that double as speakers.