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Oupio M


Oupio M is the first product in the Oupio brand. It is both an intelligent lamp and a high fidelity speaker.


At Oupio, we develop products that merge compatible functionality within a single device. This way we keep the functionality people desire, but we reduce the clutter generated by the continuous bombardment of new gadgets.


Since sound and light are the two most important factors in defining the ambiance of a space, it was only natural to merge the two into a single product.


Oupio helps people tailor the ambiance they desire through beautifully designed and well crafted lamps that double as speakers.


Lighting is very important for our health and well being. We spend most of our lives indoors in spaces artificially lit. This removes us from our connection with the daylight cycle and thus negatively influences our circadian rhythm.


With Oupio M we offer the full spectrum of Human Centric Lighting, from the late sunset yellow (2700K) all the way to white light similar to the midday sun (6000K).

This way, lighting respects and molds to our native behavior rather than the other way around.


Oupio M uses 20 high power LEDs that offer a peak intensity of 2000 lumen.


Whether you want to relax or focus, there is surely a light setting (color & intensity) best suited for the moment.


No ambiance is complete without the proper music for the moment. To ensure even the most demanding of listeners are pleased, Oupio M offers a coaxial configuration of 2 Drivers, one Woofer and one Full Range driver, that output a peak power of 50 Watts.


The drivers used are Balance Mode Radiators developed by Tectonic Audio Labs. These achieve a good balance between power and fidelity while offering an even sound distribution.


Due to this configuration, Oupio M can reach frequencies ranging from 65Hz to 20KHz at a 90dB peak volume. This ensures that it can fill a medium to large room with warm, high fidelity and boomy sound.


Oupio is built with great care using premium materials like Glass, Wood and Metal. It is designed to fit well within any interior design, regardless of the style.


The simple minimalist shape ensures it integrates well in any interior design while still offering a nice touch to any home decor.

There are 3 main choices of materials - Oak, Ash and Cork.


Oupio can be used as a table or pendant lamp thus offering flexibility in terms of positioning in an indoor space.


Oupio can be controlled remotely via the Oupio App. Through the app or the on-device touch interface, the user can control the light intensity/color and the sound.


Streaming is done via Bluetooth connection while grouping of multiple units is possible in low latency groups of up to 5.

Oupio’s aim as a brand

In our minds, the ambiance of the spaces we live in is extremely important and has a great influence over our lives. Ambiances need to be dynamic and respond to our human needs. 

Towards that end, current technology offers a vast array of functionality. From lighting systems, speakers and TV, to the sensors that measure the air quality and many others, these gadgets have invaded our lives and our homes. We like the functionality they offer, but hate the mess and clutter.

Guided by the motto - “own less, do more”, we decided to build a new type of hybrid product. By combining multiple compatible functionalities in a single device, we reduce clutter, cost and achieve a lower carbon footprint in the process.

Oupio's aim as a brand is to develop an ecosystem of hybrid products that will enable people to gain valuable insight and control over the ambiance of interior spaces. 

Who is behind Oupio

We are a team of designers and engineers based in Romania, Netherlands and UK. We are passionate about sound, lighting and everything tech related.


Our personal aims are to build products that incorporate the latest technology in a package that is intuitive and easy to use.


We have background in hardware and software development and have worked for the past 9 years for customers all over the world.


We build upon the knowledge gained so far by developing great products within the Oupio brand.